Welcome to Hand 2 Sole!

My name is Krista Petrini and I have moved out of San Diego and relocated to Mesa Arizona.

‚ÄčWhat makes me different?  

 Medically trained advanced nail technician.

 Trained by a surgeon and podiatrists.

Medical Assistant to podiatrist.

Background in using aromatherapy, essential oils, maker of organic products, knowledgeable regarding eastern and western medicine.

Why choose me?

I provide medical pedicures and damaged toenail restoration. I provide non invasive pedicures with specialized advanced tools that create an outcome of perfection! I have been licensed and working since 1995 . When cleaning I use hospital grade disinfectants. I triple sterilize and seal my implements . I never reuse nail files, buffers or items that can't be sterilized. I clean nail brushes, manicure bowls, and pedicure basins after each client designated by the Board of Cosmetology. 


As a nail specialist dealing with problematic nails and skin I have seen everything and nothing bothers me or shocks me! You will never feel more comfortable any where else since I work on hundreds of feet a week! There is no such thing as perfect feet but I will make them look and feel the best they ever have, guaranteed.