Hand 2 Sole is a private one on one sanctuary where you will not be on display or sharing the room with other clients.  My previous position as a podiatric foot spa director and medical assistant for a board-certified podiatrist surgeon and being an advanced medical nail technician has created a platform unique to the salon industry. I worked in the first ever medical pedicure facility! Many have tried to duplicate my services, but I guarantee my prices are competitive and I have been doing them longer than anyone out there!  You might get a bit annoyed at my perfectionism. However, when you leave my salon, you are representing my work! Please don't be embarrassed about the condition of your hands and feet when you come in! In my 27 years of practice, I have seen thousands of them. Nothing phases me. I am looking to see what I can improve so that walking is easier, shoes no longer hurt, and your hands and feet are groomed to perfection. My goal is to educate you about the risks involved if you do not properly care for your hands and feet. Especially diabetics! I will be providing you with the safest most hygienic services around. I use an autoclave as used in hospitals and medical facilities. All implements are sterilized and sealed in pouches. Disposable files and buffers are thrown away after each use. Nail brushes are soaked in alcohol after using. I use a pipe less water pedicure spa propelled by air and not jets to ensure safety from the spread of disease. I am fully skilled to provide dry pedicures if preferred. You will be reclined or sitting up on a comfortable massage chair attached to the pedicure tub. Music is customized to your needs. I do not use toxic chemicals or acrylics, so it always smells wonderful in my salon! The products I use on you are non-toxic and unscented. Thank you for supporting my small business! Blessings to you.